Managed Services

As an organization grows it reaches a point when the security systems outgrow the basic management infrastructure. When this happens, customers call us to assist with their day to day management. Weather your an IT manager looking for someone to takeover the focus on security. A business owner looking for support as your company grows or and just looking for temporary help. As a physical security Managed Services Provider we can provide you with the people and expertise you need. 

Security Managed Services

  • CCTV and card access system management
  • System programming
  • Card/fob management
  • Database management
  • Video Review
  • Access control and video growth planning

Predictive Analytics

  • Up time monitoring
  • Error reporting
  • Vulnerability testing
  • ¬†System outage monitoring and troubleshooting

System Monitoring

  • Video alarm monitoring
  • Intrusion alarm monitoring
  • Video analytic monitoring