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Our Mission

Our mission is to create a place for customers to when they are in need of an unbiased opinion, support, or recommendations for their security systems. We do this by providing customers direct access to industry experts through managed services and security consulting.   

How we can help you

About Us

Security Design Consultants was created to address the issues customers face in managing, maintaining, and building their security systems. Far too often, we talk to customers who don’t know where to turn when they are looking for help. Traditional security integrators provide world-class installation and service, but many lack in offering guidance on how to manage these systems effectively. Many security consultants offer excellent advice on where and what equipment should be installed but lack the understanding of what that will mean for the organization. Customers need a place to turn when they don’t know where to start, are looking to become educated, or plan for growth. At Security Design Consultants, we provide customers with managed and consultative services that quickly build their security teams while focusing on their core business.

It is high time the ideal of success should be replaced with the ideal of service.”

Albert Einstein